REPORT on the effects of COVID-19 on the school system

The aim of this report is to provide my personal evaluation of online learning, focusing on the positive and negative effects. The information is based on my personal experience of online learning at our school. Therefore, this report will present the main problems encountered during schooling with the current online system.

The main problems of online learning

The majority of students have found that among the other major issues they have encountered since shifting to online learning have been time management and workload.

Time management problems

Like some students have pointed out, the situation has tasked us with managing and keeping our own study schedule, which has proven to be difficult as the line between free time and the time dedicated to lessons and studying has been blurred. Many have found they could not focus on school work when there are items that serve as a distraction from the lessons, such as a bed, phone, pet, etc.

Workload distribution

Many teachers have taken the opportunity of working from home/online to give students an increased amount of homework, along with some teachers opting to go the completely independent work route, meaning some students, who get most of their knowledge from a spoken explanation, were at a disadvantage.

Positive effects

Among the rarer positive consequences of online schooling is the opportunity to go outside or grab a drink or snack between classes, during free periods, for example.


Overall, online learning has challenged students and teachers alike to adapt their methods of conveying and receiving information. With it, it has also brought problems, including time management issues, difficulty with the size of students’ workload and overall distribution of free time and school time during the day.


Poročilo in fotografija/Report and photography author: Katarina Romana Fon

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