We are KEKCI, the fourth group in ITS-B, an interdisciplinary compound subject, consisting of English, Art class (specifically photography) and Information science. We are second year students (sophomores) and in the 2020/21 school year, we created our own website through Arnes Splet (Arnes Web), under the guidance of the professors – Ms. Sonja Janša Gazič for Art class, Ms. Tatjana Sitar for English, Ms. Mojca Velušček and Ms. Ema Češek for Information science.

Our goal was to present the many events that were planned to happen and give a glimpse into day-to-day activities at Gimnazija Jesenice – General Knowledge and Education Secondary School Jesenice – but the Coronavirus epidemic crossed our plans, so the                                                                                                site features the photos of our everyday life and routines while                                                                                                schooling online/distance learning.


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