Since March, we have all been confronted with numerous challenges and dilemmas due to lockdown rules and restrictions in Slovenia. Our lives have turned upside down, resulting in many teenagers suffering from mental health issues.  From my experience, keeping on track with school work, staying optimistic and taking up new activities can definitely help us.

To begin with, we should accept the new situation and understand that we are staying home for our benefit. It is really important not to give up on our lives and take care of ourselves. We can build a routine, write down to-do lists or a journal, as well as set goals for the day. When we write down our deepest thoughts and problems, we undoubtedly relieve some tension, anxiety and this prevents us from getting too overwhelmed. What is more, we gradually start to see solutions. In the meantime, take time to relax and rest, for example; watch a movie, meditate, call a friend, do a face mask, go for a walk.

While staying home we usually have some extra free time that we can put into a goal or a project that we earlier did not have time for. I set myself a goal of exercising at least four times a week, keep my room cleaned and start embroidering again. The feeling of accomplishing something helped me get up every day, kept me busy and prevented me from feeling worthless or sad. People all over the world started new businesses, hobbies, lifestyles and why would not we do the same?

In conclusion, during tough times, we need to begin with ourselves, maintain optimism and take the opportunity to start something new, following  a saying: »When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. «

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