Report on a digging session at the local bike park

The aim of this report is to describe the process of building a new jump and the renovation of an existing small line. After our Cycling club Suma Veldes obtained the permission from the local farmers’ union, the digging and renovation work started immediately.


Involved participants

6 members of the Suma Veldes ( including me ) and the owner of the excavator were involved in the renovation of a small line and a construction of the new jump.


Initially, a few trees were cut down in order to make the access to the bike park. There were some worries about sharp rocks that could damage the excavator. Nevertheless, the owner of the excavator managed to cross this rock section without damaging it.

A new jump

Subsequently, we moved to the location of the new jump. Firstly, the landing was dug by the excavator. When the dig was finished, it was raked and watered. There were two bigger rocks that needed to be removed during the dig. Meanwhile, we proceeded with the work on the kicker. A small basin before it needed to be filled and flattened. The whole process was finished in 3 hours.


Renovation of the small jump line

Three holes were dug and will serve as water drainage. A new berm was made at the bottom of the line to avoid a crowded trail. Every jump had to be renovated because they were damaged during the winter. Four trees that fell over the line were removed and will be used as benches at the trailhead. The renovation took 2 hours.



All in all, the work was done properly and on time. The excavator was very helpful especially when it comes to removing rocks. Next time I recommend a better plan of work as we ecountered some minor problems.






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