On Thursday (the third of September 2020), my class and a few teachers went on a field trip to Peca – residential centre. The aim of this report is to provide a description of our cycling experience through an abandoned mine as well as to present my opinion of it.


Early in the morning we were told to go cycling in the mine, which is located under the surface of the abandoned lead mine. Due to coldness, I put on some warm clothes, cycling gloves and hiking boots. It was mandatory to use a flashlight and a helmet. A mine tour by bicycle was only possible by prior arrangement and with mountain bikes.

The ride

The starting point was at our residential centre. The entire tour took around 2 hours. Every so often we stopped and our guide showed us a few amazing caves. What is more, he told us stories which came to life vividly. The former railway sleepers left many holes. As a result, my bottom, back and arms hurt. Despite that, it was a delightful drive.


After 2 hours we came back with dirty bikes and smiles on our faces. My classmates and I were feeling fresh and motivated. We all agreed it was an unforgettable experience.

All in all, it was not a comfortable ride, but it was definitely a ride to remember. In my opinion, everybody should experience it at least once in their lifetime.


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