The aim of this report is to provide information and description about our four-day field trip to Peca in September. The main idea of the field trip was to get involved in outside activities and additional classes, as well as building connections within a class.


The activities mostly took place outdoors therefore, we had a great opportunity to spend time in nature. Teachers had prepared numerous educational tasks, for instance, orientation -with which we gained experience regarding GPS and tried to find a hidden treasure, learning how to build a bonfire, picking herbs and making home-made cream cheese spread. Certainly, the most exciting and adventurous activities were visiting the Adventure Park and biking through a nearby mine.


The lessons that took place in the mornings and afternoons were based on our daily activities, mostly taught in German by our teacher. The main topics were a healthy lifestyle and self-care, including learning about Covid-19 precautions and personal hygiene. In the evenings there was civic education, during which our class representative was elected by other schoolmates.


Since there was also some free time, we usually spent it playing table tennis, badminton, volleyball or board games, which helped us build many new bonds, connections and friendships within the class. All the students and teachers managed to create a pleasant atmosphere of enjoying time together and getting to know each other.


In conclusion, our field trip was an unforgettable and enjoyable experience. Interesting activities, educational projects and numerous laughs were an excellent start to a new school year.

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