vaja dramski festival

– General education secondary school Jesenice theatre performances –

Why do many students look forward to two days of early spring each year?

The reason is the annual ‘Drama festival’. You may wonder what the Drama festival is. It is a special compilation of (theatre) plays put on by the students and one by the teachers attending the General education secondary school Jesenice.

Every year, the students participating write, prepare and perform their plays. If the theme is not predetermined, the audience can watch anything from serious murder investigations, to comedies or even more abstract plays. A great example for the large variety of possible plays are the ones put on at last year’s event. Among the other wonderful plays were our performance of a Romeo and Juliet with a comedic twist, a murder investigation, a reality television style play, a time travel based play and the teacher group’s performance of Faust based on Goethe’s tragic play.

The best thing about the festival was the bonding, organization and overall effort put into it by the students. The performances were a lot of fun, both for the spectators as well as the actors and the other participants themselves.

All in all, the festival is an enjoyable and very memorable experience. After all, who would want to miss out on seeing what the students can do when they are outside the classroom.


Katarina Romana Fon


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