Are you an adrenaline junkie, a basketball fan and would you like to improve in acrobatics and belong to an awesome community? Then you should definitely join the acrobatic group Flying bears. Here are some reasons why to join us.

To begin with, no prior skills are needed as every new student starts with the basics such as: a somersault, streching exercises… If you are more skilled you just learn new flips, spins and dunks.

The atmosphere and the energy at trainings is great. In addition, we are all good friends. Jokes are regularly heard at trainings. Nevertheless, we train hard to actualize our performances and I am always exhausted after the training.

However, performances are really special occasions. We perform in front of our peers teachers and other guests. The magical atmosphere created by spectators pays off all the hard work. Besides that you don’t have classes on the day of event.

To sum up, all the risks that are taken to execute dunking elements are well worth it. We have a great time and the vibe at performances and trainings is just unreal.

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